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manage climate risks and
lower impact on climate

A dedicated team, experienced in Energy, Chemicals, business, management, risk management, engineering and complex value chains, on your side to:

- quantify and reduce climate risks on your activity

- leverage carbon assessment (bilan carbone (R) to build your low-carbon path minimizing activity's impacts on climate 

Active Member of the French Association of Climate Change consulting professionals

Our mission

Solutions to manage climate impacts on businesses and communities, and 

lower impact of businesses and communities on climate


róng yì project was launched in 2020 with a simple mission: build a better world.


Together we can improve climate change resilience while making a positive contribution to energy transition and lower carbon emissions.


In chinese, róng yì means "simple", or "likely", and comes from ideograms conveying the idea of "embracing change". We are facing a generational challenge to turn the world into a more sustainable and inclusive one - and there is no other way to tackle such an immense challenge by embracing uncertainty and harness innovation. 

Are you ready to experiment? Reach out see what we can do together.

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