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people behind róng yì solutions 

Who We Are


Founding Partner and Managing Director

Maxime Katgely has a passion for business transformation and innovation, sustainability and inclusive growth. With a 23-year career in petrochemicals, he has extensive experience in developing growth strategies, product development and innovation offerings, and has field experience in AP, the US and Europe. He held senior leadership roles in product management and sales, as well as in supply chain and petrochemicals manufacturing. Maxime led ExxonMobil global elastomers business from Houston. He managed a global team advocating for innovative solutions at Global OEMs and  Tier 1s, mostly growing markets in Automotive and Energy with a focus on China. Maxime is a thought leader and recognized advocate for sustainability and supports clients globally from his base in the French Alps.


 “Our lifestyle is unsustainable, and was probably late to see that I could not leave it to my kids to fix it. I founded róng yì solutions in 2020 to use my experience across diverse and complex global value chains to help clients identify and tackle climate risks, embrace circularity opportunities, and lead transformation to low carbon value chains. For a better world.”


Maxime is also an associate partner with GXS Partners, focusing on serving clients globally to develop business in China.


He holds an Engineering Masters’ Degree from the School of Mines of Nancy, with majors in Polymer Science and operational research. He is trained in Climate Change risks management and is a certified practitioner of the Carbon assessments from the French Carbon Institute (compliant with GHG Protocol/ISO140064/Carbon Disclosure process)

+33 6 17 78 24 28

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Juliette JANNES

Founding Partner and President

Chemical engineer by trade, Juliette Jannes spent the first 17 years of her career in Petrochemicals, building manufacturing and business expertise globally. She led teams big and small with authenticity and care, lived and assimilated in multiple cultures, managed operational risks, drove businesses forward through both short-term challenges and longer-term strategic decisions. She loves to "connect the dots" to create meaning and opportunities, and help people realize their potential.


“As for many others, 2020 was a pivotal years. Our house is burning, literally. We’re exploiting resources like there's no tomorrow. Inequalities keep growing. I certainly played a part in this, and I want to use my experience and talents to help build the more sustainable and equitable world I believe is possible.”


As a partner in róng yì , Juliette leverages her professional experience of the energy and chemical industry to guide organization their ESG journey and decarbonize. She is also associate with Time for the planet and leverages her expertise in projects management and chemicals in a broader collective effort to abate carbon.


Juliette is also engaged with Extrafamily, with a purpose to support children's development by offering inspiring experiences and meets, so that they can build a future that truly fit their personality.

She holds a Chemical engineering Master’s degree from Chimie Paris. She is a certified Bilan Carbone® practitioner and is trained in LCA from AFNOR (French Norms Institute).  

+33 6 25 39 70 31

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